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Bishop Feehan High School

Attleboro, Massachusetts

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How color teams began

color teams slide showWhen Bishop Feehan first formed a girls’ lacrosse team in 2007, 87 girls signed up. The sport was new to the area, and many Feehan athletes wanted to learn the game.

Because of the large number of girls who showed interest in the sport, we set up 6 internal teams. Using school colors to distinguish them, we defined the following teams:

As time progressed, and we had a chance to evaluate skill sets, we also formed a Red team that was made up of players pulled from all the color teams. This Red team was considered our "power" team and played any varsity high school teams that were willing to scrimmage us.

When setting up the members of each team, we placed girls with experience on each of the teams so that they could serve as a resource for others. We then took into account the field positions that players were interested in playing so that each team had players with girls who wanted to play defense and girls who wanted to play offense. We also tried to scatter the girls in the higher grades among the teams so that no one team contained a large number of older girls. Most of our goalies played in the net and on the field so that they got experience with both. (They served as a goalie for one team and a field player for another team.)

On Tuesdays, Thursdays, and every-other Friday we had short “School Color Games” where the teams competed to help prepare them for scrimmages against other schools. We took these internal games seriously. It was important that the girls on each team learned to play well with each other and to learn their positions so that their group could compete against other schools.

Typically, when we played against other schools, we sent two color teams to compete. Parents had to provide transportation to/from games.

Our schedule was dynamic in nature. We competed in games against anyone who was willing to play us. We tried to play other high school JV, Varsity, and club programs. In addition, we played some U15 programs that had skilled players who had been playing lacrosse for a number of years.

During the season, players had a lot of fun and established a strong bond with their “color team”. The season ended with a "Final Battle of the School Color Teams".

Since that first year, our use of color teams has fostered team spirit among the Bishop Feehan Girls Lacrosse Team members.

Starting in 2011, color teams have lived on through our “color team games”.

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