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Remembering Larsan - Give it all you got

tshirt lk 21Beloved Feehan student athlete Larsan Korvili drowned in August of 2010. His life, though short in years, was extremely full. As a student athlete who excelled in sports and academics, Larsan inspired many, including the players and coaches of the Bishop Feehan Girls Lacrosse team.

During the weeks before he passed away, Larsan gathered night after night at the field where the girls lacrosse team and boys football team practice. Though not in session, the girls lacrosse coaching staff was often at the field when Larsan and his teammates gathered.

As he organized and worked with his teammates, the staff saw how Larsan's enthusiasm spread to those around him. He worked non-stop to push those attending to their limits in anticipation of the upcoming season.

Larsan spent many of his last nights at this practice field working hard to motivate his teammates. It was clearly apparent that everything he did was to help those around him. His work ethic, effort, passion, positive attitude, spirit, respect, caring demeanor, and love of the game were all traits that encompass what an athlete and role model should be.

As the girls lacrosse team works together at the practice field in preparation for their season, they will remember the kind, encouraging manner of the boy who was their friend and whose positive influence so greatly impacted those around him. Thoughts of his dedication and sense of purpose when practicing will be a reminder of the discipline required to succeed. Thoughts of his kindness toward others will be a reminder of how we should all treat each other and what it means to be a member of a team.

If Larsan ever looks down on us while we're at the field, we hope he smiles at what he sees.

I do all things
through Christ
who strengthens me

Larsan Korvili photo

Larsan Korvili

Feehan Football Jersey #21