Goggles approved by US Lacrosse Association

Manufacturers whose products are in compliance with the ASTM F803-03 standards and who have submitted testing results to US Lacrosse are listed below. Products are listed alphabetically by manufacturer name.

List Updated: January 6, 2011

Any eyewear that has met the Adult Standard also meets the Youth Standard.




Halo Sports and Safety, Inc. (Bangerz)

Harrow Sports

Impactz Eyewear, Inc. (Creedos)

Leader (Sportlux Enterprise Co., Inc.)

Liberty Sports



Warrior Lacrosse, Inc.

Other Resources:

Protective Eyewear Certification Council (PECC)


American Academy of Laboratory Accreditation (A2LA)


Note: Some players that wear glasses have been wearing protective eyewear over their glasses. There is currently nothing in the rules to prevent this. However, some of the protective eyewear products are not designed to be worn over glasses and players should be aware of the potential dangers of using equipment in a manner that it was not intended.