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Bishop Feehan High School

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There's more to lacrosse than just carrying a big stick


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What you need

In addition to the team uniform, all players must supply their own sticks, goggles, mouth guards, gloves (optional), spandex shorts, and footwear. Each player must also purchase a protective headband through the team that they can keep when the season is over. The Shamrocks supply goalie and miscellaneous team equipment.


Comment from Coaches

lacrosse stick head


The cost of lacrosse sticks can vary widely. They typically begin at about $30.00, but can go well into the hundreds.

Be prepared, the more you play the game, you will be more likely to want to purchase a newer, more expensive, more "cool" stick.

Please remember, girls sticks are not designed the same as boys sticks. You need to buy a girls lacrosse stick.




Goggles tend to range in price from $30 to $70. Based on our many years of experience watching the game and witnessing hits to the head that have resulted in injuries, we strongly recommend the following:

  • Do not buy goggles with plastic frames such as the ones shown below. These frames fog up on cold rainy days and may not be approved by the US Lacrosse Association for high school games. We highly recommend that you purchase wire-frame goggles.

plastic goggles

  • Do not buy goggles such as the two goggles shown below whose metal bars cover only the eyes without giving coverage to the nose and cheekbones. Hopefully, you will never get hit in the face with an opponent's lacrosse stick or a ball. However, should this happen, you will be grateful for the additional coverage given by the goggles that provide wiring over the nose and protection to the cheekbones.

first goggles without adequate coverage   second goggles without adequate coverage

Note: Goggles worn by all Shamrock players must be approved by the US Lacrosse Association.

Approved goggle list

mouthguard photo

Mouth guard

Mouth guards typically cost anywhere from $2 to $20. Regardless of how much you pay, your teeth are important to us. Therefore, it is required that you wear a mouth guard at all times when throwing and catching the ball.

We also recommend that you keep an extra mouth guard in your lacrosse bag in case something happens to the one you regularly use. There is nothing worse than realizing right before a game is supposed to start that you have forgotten your mouth guard. And no, you cannot borrow a teammate's mouth guard.

Note: Your mouth guard must be colored so that umpires can easily recognize that you are wearing one. Also, you cannot have any type of tabs protruding from your mouth guards such as that shown below. During the team lineup before each game, the umpires will check mouth guards and make the players cut off any portion of the mouth guard that juts out from the main body of the piece.

mouthguard with protruding tab

headband on head photo


Team members purchase protective headbands to wear during games, such as the ForcefieldTM headband.

Note: As of 2015, the protective headgear available for female lacrosse players has expanded greatly. See this list for some types of headgear that you may want to consider:

Approved headgear list

gloves photo


Girls lacrosse gloves sell for $20 to $30. Gloves are optional. However, when making the decision whether to purchased them, keep these two things in mind:

  • We have been known to play on some cold, rainy days and playing with warm fingers is better than playing with cold ones.

  • High school lacrosse has full checking. Though players don't aim for their opponents hands on purpose, they may occasionally strike one in their attempt to dislodge the ball from their opponent's crosse. Gloves offer some protection when this occurs.

cleat photo


Cleats are about $20 and up. You do not need to purchase any type of special lacrosse cleats. If you already have a pair of rubber-soled cleats that you use to play soccer, they will do fine

lacrosse bag sling style photo

Lacrosse Bag

Lacrosse bags come in all sorts of styles and price ranges. They start at about $15 and can go up to around $70. They include the traditional shoulder bag style, sling packs, backpacks, and duffle bags. The type of bag you purchase and how much you want to pay is up to you. You don't need one, but you may want to consider purchasing one. They come in handy for players carting around their stuff.

One recommendation that we would make is if you buy the traditional shoulder bag style, make sure it has a separate pocket to hold goggles, gloves, and mouth guard. Its easier to store and access these items when they are in their own compartment

Make Sure Your Crosse is Ready for the Season

Are the strings on your crosse frayed?

If any of your crosse strings are frayed, especially those at the top back and sides of the head, get your crosse restrung before the season begins.

If your strings break mid season, you may not be able to borrow a crosse that you are comfortable with in time for a game.

replace frayed strings photo


Is your crosse strung properly?

You also need to ensure that your crosse head is properly strung. Review the following guidelines that were introduced in 2011.

Shooting string requirements

If your stick was purchased prior to the fall of 2011, chances are that it is not strung according to these new guidelines.

Umpires will reject your crosse when they are conducting their stick check prior to a game. You will not be able to use your crosse in the game.

make sure stick is properly strung photo

Purchasing equipment