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Bishop Feehan High School

Attleboro, Massachusetts

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Field Directions

Directions to the girls lacrosse field

The girls lacrosse team practice sessions and games are held at Bishop Feehan High School.

Depending on the schedules of other school sport teams, the girls lacrosse team will play games either on the school football field (known as McGrath Stadium) or on their practice field.

The girls lacrosse practice field is easy to get to from the school, though it is not noticeable from the school parking lot.

school lacrosse field map

Note: No one is allowed to park on the road next to the field. Please park in the high school parking lot and walk over to the lacrosse field.

To walk to the girls lacrosse field from the Bishop Feehan school building:

  1. Walk away from the Bishop Feehan high school buildings, across the parking lot toward the track/football field.
  2. Continue along the pathway next to the track to the far left corner.
  3. Photo of track/football field:

    Bishop Feehan track/football field

  4. Walk up the path behind the baseballl field into the wooded area.
  5. Entryway to girls lacrosse field:

    entryway to girls lacrosse field

  6. Continue on the path to the lacrosse field.
  7. Path leading up to girls lacrosse field:

    Walkway to girls lacrosse field

Trying to find us?

Girls lacrosse games and practices are held at Bishop Feehan High School.

If there is an off-campus game, it will be at Horton field in Attleboro.