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Bishop Feehan High School

Attleboro, Massachusetts

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Bishop Feehan High School Athletic Rules

All Bishop Feehan High School athletes must abide by the school's rules.

Bishop Feehan High School athletic rules taken from the school handbook:


Point of emphasis

School policy


Academic eligibility

A student must secure during the last marking period preceding any athletic contest a passing grade in at least 24 periods of prepared worked and may not fail more than 2 classes that meet 6 days of the 7-day cycle.

Credit toward eligibility in any course at the conclusion of the first semester requires a grade of 65 or above for both the second quarter and the first semester.


Parental permission

A student must present a signed certificate of parental permission to allow that student to participate in athletics.

Such certificate shall contain a statement by the parent that the student has acquired the opinion of a licensed physician that the student is physically fit to participate in a given sport.

Such opinion must be issued within one year of the commencement of participation. Such certificate shall also contain a statement of parental permission for the school to seek emergency medical attention in the event that the parent is unavailable to grant the same.


School attendance

A student may not participate in a contest when that student is not in attendance at school by 11:00 A.M. on the day of such contest, or the day preceding such contest, if the contest is to be held on a “non-school” day.

This rule may be waived by the Director of Athletics for good cause (e.g., medical appointment, school sponsored trip, college interview, etc.) The intent of the rule is to prevent “resting up for the contest”.


Absences from practices

Coaches will impose appropriate penalties for unexcused absence from team practices.


Absences from contests

As a condition of membership on an athletic team, the student will hold himself/herself available to participate in any and all scheduled and rescheduled contests by his/her team. Absence from contests without approval of the Athletic Director is prohibited. Such approval will only be granted for emergency or compelling cause, at the sole discretion of the Athletic Director. Unapproved absence will be sanctioned as follows:

  • If a student chooses to be absent from a contest, that student is rendered ineligible for a minimum of 2 weeks or 2 contests, whichever is greater, or for a maximum of the current athletic season.
  • If a student at the command and with the accompaniment of parent or surrogate absents himself from a contest, that student is rendered ineligible for a minimum of the number of contests missed or a maximum of 2 weeks or 2 games, whichever is greater.
  • The penalties described above may be applied in advance if an anticipatory breach of this attendance rule exists.
  • If an unauthorized student absence occurs in the final contests of the season, the penalty of ineligibility may be imposed in the next season that the student-athlete may choose to participate in.


Team eligibility

After one week from the commencement of the individual student’s practice with a given sports team, that student becomes ineligible for other sports in that athletic season, unless the student is “cut” from the original sports team.

Dismissal from a team is not to be considered a “cut.” Individuals may not be members of two or more athletic teams during the same season.


Uniform responsibility

The equipment or uniform issued to athletes by the team is the team member’s responsibility. Failure to return this same equipment makes the athlete financially responsible for the equipment.


Unauthorized acquisition of school property

The unauthorized acquisition of school property or the property of any individual while a student is a participant in athletics is grounds for dismissal from athletics.


Code of Conduct

Violations of the code of conduct established for all students of Bishop Feehan, when committed by team members, shall cause the same penalty as for any other student.

If such penalties imposed cause a failure to adhere to the rules of a given team’s membership requirements, the appropriate athletic penalties may be imposed with the approval of the Athletic Director. However, the remedial benefits of athletic discipline will be borne in mind in such cases.

A coach may not impose additional sanctions for a non-athletic violation without the approval of the Athletic Director.


Medical insurance

Insurance for injuries sustained in athletics is available through the participation of students in the voluntary school insurance program available to all Bishop Feehan students.

If a student or that student’s parents decline such participation, they will bear all the financial responsibility for the care of injury arising from athletic participation. At their discretion, parents who maintain membership in health maintenance organizations (HMOs) should advise their child and the child’s coach that the coach should not direct non-emergency treatment or consultations with medical professionals whose services may not be covered by such HMO agreements unless the approval of parents is gained.

All financial responsibility for medical care of students shall remain the responsibility of the child’s parent or guardian.


Playing as a team “out of season”

Under no circumstances may Bishop Feehan students join together as a team and play a sport at a time during the academic year when that sport is "out of season" according to M.I.A.A. rules.

A "team" for the purpose of this rule is understood to be a competitive sports group made up of 50% or more of Bishop Feehan students which plays a schedule or series of contests whether or not this group uses the name "Bishop Feehan.”

Such "team" participation renders its participants ineligible to represent Bishop Feehan in that sport during the designated M.I.A.A. season.



Lockers are available for in-season athletes in both the boys and girls locker room from their coach.

Only locks issued by the school may be placed on these lockers, other locks will be cut off.

At the end of each athletic season, the athlete must return the school issued lock to his/her coach and the contents of the locker must be removed. Failure to vacate the locker will result in the disposal of the locker’s contents. Students have no expectation of security if their belongings remain in the lockers before and after athletic seasons.

Security cannot be provided for items not locked in a school locker or if the locker is left open. At no time should a student leave valuables unsecured. If a locker and or lock are unavailable, a student should ask his or her coach to secure valuables in a locked room or in a security bag.

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