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Bishop Feehan High School

Attleboro, Massachusetts

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Feehan Girls Lacrosse Team Captains

The following players have served as team captains for the Bishop Feehan Girls Lacrosse program.


captains 2012 photo

Maddie Goldstein, Kelly Byrne, Julie Skaff


captains 2011 photo

Shelby Finan, Delaney McHugo, Meg Leavey


captains 2010 photo

Cori Semple, Chelsea Sidman


captains 2009 photo

Elizabeth Farrell, Michele Flannery


captains 2008 photo

Elyse Oliveira, Caitlyn Douglass, Emma Creeden, Mackenzie Cuddy


captains 2007 photo

Tina Cappello, Kathleen Boyland

Leaving Your Mark

captain signature photo slide show

Our captains will be remembered as leaders on and off the field

What makes a good team captain?

Captains are athletes who lead by action, not just words.

They are the people who look out for their teammates, on and off the field.

Good team captains are the teammates who pick you up when you are down and encourage you to keep striving for your goals.

Captains are their teammates biggest fans. Whether they are in the game or on the bench, captains are the players who boost the confidence of those around them.

They work daily to improve their game for the better of the team as well as themselves.

Captains serve as role models and are always willing to help their teammates, no matter what the need.

Being a good captain takes a lot of hard work. At Feehan, we've had some of the best.