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Recognized players

Coaches' Awards

In 2010 the Bishop Feehan Girls Lacrosse team coaches began a player recognition award program to honor the following two types of senior players:

These awards will be given only during the years when the coaching staff feels that an athlete's performance over a number of years has so significantly impacted the team that her value is deserving of individual recognition.

The Feehan coaching staff recognizes that there is often a lot more to a person's measurement of success on a team in addition to her athletic abilities.

These awards will recognize those players who are outstanding athletes, who have worked diligently to improve both on and off the game field, and who have helped to unite the team. It will recognize their leadership, positive attitude, personal growth, and treatment of others as having inspired those around them to be the best that they can be.

The coaching staff believes that when an athlete's discipline and work ethic have been a shining example for others to follow and when she continually has the ability to rise to a personal or athletic challenge in the face of adversity, others take note. She is held in high regard by those who've come to know her and she will be remembered as a top athlete and teammate to the players and coaching staff of our lacrosse team.

The awards are not dependent on each other. Those years when someone is recognized, it may be that only a single player is honored in one of the categories.

The following players are award winners to date.

2012 Award Winner

Outstanding Player Award:awardwinner_2012 photo

Kelly Byrne

Class of 2012

Varsity Career Stats:

100 goals, 46 assists


Flashback of Kelly

2011 Award Winner

Outstanding Player Award:awardwinner_2011 photo

Meg Leavey

Class of 2011

Varsity Career Stats:

120 goals, 56 assists


Flashback of Meg

2010 Award Winners

Outstanding Player Award:awardwinner_2010 photo

Cori Semple

Class of 2010

Varsity Career Stats:

189 goals, 40 assists


Flashback of Cori



Outstanding Defender Award:

Allison Clemmey

Class of 2010

Heart, Speed, Intensity


Flashback of Allison